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The LANCOM 831A is the right choice for small businesses looking to set up a broadband Internet connection with professional network functions. Thanks to the integrated multimode ADSL2+ modem, the router connects directly to a standard DSL connection without any intermediate hardware. Compatibility with the annex variants A, B, J and M guarantees reliable operation with various types of connection, and in particular with the new generation of all-IP connections. The four ports of the integrated Gigabit Ethernet switch ensure maximum performance and are also energy-efficient as per IEEE 802.3az: If no data is transmitted over an interface, its power consumption shuts down automatically.

More security.

The LANCOM 831A has a comprehensive range of security features. The stateful-inspection firewall with intrusion prevention and Denial-of-Service protection is an effective barrier to attacks from the Internet. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to set up the object-oriented firewall. Optionally available, the Content Filter provides effective protection for up to 25 users while they surf the World Wide Web. Internet connectivity can be reliably assured, for example with a cellular backup via USB or the integrated ISDN interface, thus assuring smooth, round-the-clock operations. Flexible bandwidth management guarantees the availability of all applications in the local area network as these can be prioritized with a comprehensive range of Quality-of-Service features.

More virtualization.

The LANCOM 831A helps to make effective use of IT resources. Thanks to Advanced Routing and Forwarding (ARF), the device supports the parallel setup of two independent networks with their own dedicated DHCP, DNS, routing and firewall settings. This allows two separate networks for different groups and applications to be operated on a single physical infrastructure.

More management.

LCMS, the LANCOM Management System, is a free software package for the LANCOM 831A. It caters for the configuration of the device, remote maintenance and network monitoring. The central component of LCMS, LANconfig, is used to configure the LANCOM 831A and other LANCOM devices on the network. The extensive range of features and the configuration wizards make the router quick and easy to set up. LANmonitor offers detailed, real-time monitoring of parameters, it provides access to log files and statistics, and it can carry out a detailed trace-protocol analysis. Other functions in LCMS include the GUI for firewall setup, automatic backup of configurations and scripts, and the intuitive folder structure with convenient search function.

More certainty for the future.

From the very start, LANCOM products are designed for a product life of several years. They are equipped with hardware dimensioned for the future. Even reaching back to older product generations, updates to the LANCOM Operating System


are available several times a year, free of charge and offering major features. LANCOM offers unbeatable safeguarding of your investment.
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